Custom Metal Enclosures

$ 1000.00
Code M-EN 01
Series Metal Enclosures
Spec Custom Electronic Enclosure
Material stainless steel
Color Custom
Brand Kingee Seiko
Model electronic box
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The front and back panels of the stainless steel Enclosures can be processed and sprayed according to the customer's requirements. It can also be divided into several small panels as required. The function of the bottom plate makes the bottom surface of the case flat, and the hole can be opened or riveted according to the customer's requirements.

Design: pay attention to whether the material is consistent with the drawing, whether there is scratch, scratch, oxidation, etc,

Bending: pay attention to the size, angle and quality determination, and the size of bending determines the subsequent forming.

Welding: clean the surface, pay attention to the arc voltage and welding current. For the diameter of welding wire and welding current, it is necessary to cooperate with the appropriate arc voltage to obtain a stable short-circuit transition process. At this time, the spatter is the least and the strongest.

Press riveting: during the process of press riveting, determine the front and back sides according to the drawing, and press down the nut column vertically and evenly on the stable workbench.

Spraying: clean and polish the surface to ensure that there is no residue and oil stain, confirm that the color of powder spraying is the same, and carry out powder spraying.

Silk screen printing: it is processed in the specified size of font, the surface shall be free of oil stain, and the font shall be clear.

Assembly: before assembly, attention shall be paid to the determination of screws and accessories. For assembly, please see the drawings carefully to make sure there is no mistake. Otherwise, rework will be caused. After the product is formed, it shall be cleaned gently, the quality shall be determined, and the packaging shall be carried out.


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