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glove making machine

$ 100000.00
Code KE-GL-PL1
Series Glove production machine
Material stainless steel
Color Silver
Brand Kingee Seiko
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Nitrile butadiene rubber is obtained from emulsion polymerization of butadiene and acrylonitrile. Its products are excellent in oil resistance, high wear resistance and good heat resistance. The nitrile rubber is refined and processed with other additives. It does not contain protein and has no allergic reaction to human skin. It is harmless, durable and adherent. The nitrile gloves are widely used in household work, electronics, chemical industry, aquaculture, glass, food and other factory protection, hospital, scientific research and other industries.

Nitrile gloves production line equipment

1. The qualified rate of the product is over 98% and the protein content is less than 120 μ g / g;

2. TPU cladding technology;

3. Imported surfactant coagulant, film-forming more uniform, no powder demoulding.

4. The imported advanced transmission main chain structure has small resistance and stable operation at high speed;

5. It solves the problems of multi-point drive and maintenance of main motor;

6. Compared with other forms of hot air circulation, the vertical hot air circulation in drying oven can save energy about 20%.

7. The technology of six roller long wool brush for mold finger fork cleaning;

8. Die orientation, machine spray code technology;

9. Various specifications of the same machine production, automatic adjustment of crimping, Pu edging roller, super long service life;

10. We can design different length, height and cost models according to customers' needs.

Production process display:

Cleaning, drying, coagulant drying, dipping, dripping, curling, drying and molding, release agent and demoulding

Nitrile gloves production line equipment:

1. Production line: length, width and height, as shown in the table

2. Output: 450000 / 24 hours

3. Gram weight: m 3.6 ± 0.2g

4. Medical grade ratio: 90-95%

5. Pulling force > 20 m

6. Elongation > 550%


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